Monday, March 28, 2011

Flea Market

This weekend I had a table at a local Flea Market! It went really well, I sold 3 of the 4 dresses I made last week and half of the headbands I made! I'm excited to make more :)

Another table was selling pretty cupcakes for only 50 cents!! I couldn't resist

On Saturday night me and my man went out to visit friends of ours and we went for Ethiopian food! I'd never had it before, but it was delicious! And you get to eat with your hands!! :) Hope you all had a good weekend too!

PS. Rosette headbands now up in my shop!


  1. congrats on your success. i would love to wear one of your dresses...possibly in a yellow, cream or fun print. they are just too cute and look to be super comfortable and easy to wear.

  2. I'm LOVING your dresses! They're so fantastic. I can't wait til I'm off my shopping fast. Those rosette headbands are fantastic too! Glad you did well at the flea market.

  3. I`m glad that things went well on Sat! Was really hoping to get a ride there but ended up babysitting my nieces and nephew instead :(

    That`s awesome that you sold 3 dresses!!

  4. Your headbands look really cute! And the cupcake - yum!

    I like your blog name, made me laugh! :)

  5. congrats on the successfull flea market! love your hair pins!!

  6. Love your rosette headbands - they look a little like that gorgeous cupcake! I would totally wear one. (The headband, I mean...not the cupcake!) :)


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