Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Style Me February: Closet & Instagram Challenge!

I got snagged recently by a Facebook ad for Dean Street Society where Hilary Rushford shared 3 videos on how to simplify your style.  The videos have since been taken down because her class started and it was a little sneak peek.

I signed up for the video emails and also for the February Closet Challenge which I was really excited about!  At this point in the Winter season, I am pretty tired of my clothes and I think this will be a fun way to try new things with what I already have.

Here's my February 1st "Feeling Pretty in Pink" outfit.

I don't really wear pink pink as it is not a color I gravitate towards, so I wore this bright coral shirt to work today and paired it with a fun polka dot blazer-I got a lot of compliments for wearing such a bright color!

Work clothes for me are an obligation.  I generally do not like my work clothes as much as I like my non-work clothes and I like to keep them separated (i.e. I don't wear work clothes when not at work, not even blouses or blazers).

I work at a financial institution where the dress code is business professional.  So I'm usually wearing black dress pants with a blouse and a cardigan or blazer.  I really hate dress pants and I can't stand tight jackets so I prefer cardigans with room to move about and blazers with some stretch.

I picked this top for the challenge and of course the typical black pant and then I wanted to wear something fun so I added this blazer which also cinches in the waist to provide some sense of shape.

WHAT will I WEAR tomorrow for animal spots and FURS?????!  Stay tuned to find out! ;)

For Reference:
Blazer - Modcloth // Blouse - Maurices // Camisole - Maurices // Pants - Reitmans // Shoes - Aldo //

Monday, January 30, 2017

First Outfit: Tie Dye

Hello friends!  So, I am beginning my fashion journey of 2017 today!  Here is an outfit I put together for drinks with a friend and supper with the in-laws.

What I like about this outfit is that it incorporates a lot of cool pieces and makes me feel put together.  I paired this vest over a tye-dye tunic to create some sense of shape to the upper part of my body and then the skinny jeans taper down to the ankle boots.  Overall, very happy with this look, I will absolutely be wearing it again.  So comfortable and makes me happy!

For Reference:
Tunic - Tiny Haven // Vest - Smart Set // Jeans - Joe Fresh // Ankle Boots - Le Chateau //

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Here We Go

Welcome, 2017, so nice to be here with you.  I think.  We're off to a very busy start and I already need some time off so what does that say?  WE'LL FIND OUT!

I've decided the change this blog a little bit.  I'm still going to post Etsy updates (hopefully more than usual) and business updates but I want to do something a bit different, something scary, something I'm looking forward to but also really not looking forward to.

Fine I'll tell you.  This year...I want to share with you my journey about finding beauty in a new figure.  One that I don't want to share with anyone, one that I don't want to admit and one that I definitely don't want to see in a photo.

My husband and I have been married for 5 years, and over those years I have managed to gain about 50 pounds.  EEEKK I can't believe I wrote that out loud.  It makes me feel extremely embarrassed and I want to erase it altogether.

Here is the main reason I believe I have gained this weight:

I developed a mental illness (anxiety disorder if you must call it such) 3 years ago after quitting an incredibly stressful job and moving straight into another stressful job.  It all started with a panic attack one night that lasted until 2 or 3 in the morning.

My wonderful husband sat beside me while I trembled and felt short of breath, looked up symptoms online while I cried and tried to do yoga, eventually we fell into bed exhausted and the next morning I started another day at my new place of work.  I was a mess.

I couldn't focus on anything else, and completely lost my appetite. I just wanted to sleep and forget this was happening.

I miraculously made an appointment with my doctor the week later, and she soothed me while I cried in her office and told me that we were going to improve my quality of life through cognitive therapy and anti-anxiety medication.

I was at first distraught that I had a mental illness, and would have to be on medication for an indeterminable amount of time but my doctor explained that if I were physically injured I would not hesitate to take any medication she prescribed until the injury had healed and that prescribing medication for mental illness was no different.  She told me "You can't change the fact that your eyes are blue."  Which means that I can't change how my brain and body work, I can only do what I can to help it.

It has been 3 years and I'm happy to say that my quality of life has improved greatly.  
Things are still rough, and when I get overwhelmed I get low on seratonin (the happy secretion of hormones in your brain) which causes panic attacks, and mental fatigue.  I feel like a battery in the sense that I run out of energy and need to take time to recharge (which is usually on the couch watching a favorite TV show drinking wine or tea with a fuzzy blanket).

The medication I'm using provides extra seratonin in my brain and helps me get through the day.
Along with that, my doctor told me it is imperative that I maintain a good exercise routine and get lots of sleep (HELLOOOOOO naps!).

So anyway, on to the weight gain.  
The medication is also known for causing increased appetite which means I CANNOT LOOK AT THAT COOKIE AND LET IT GO WITHOUT FINDING OUT HOW TASTY IT IS AND THEN EATING THE OTHER 4 ON THE PLATE.
Well...I mean I can, but it's really hard...and if it's tasty I just want another one.  
The struggle is REAL folks!

Back to what this blog is about.  

I hate my body.  I hate how it looks.  I hate how I look in clothes, I hate seeing myself in the mirror or in pictures.  "But Heidi" you say "You look so beautiful and you are not that big." To which I say..."I suppose, but I feel like I should look the way I used to look and when I see myself I am surprised by what I see and I am having trouble understanding this new figure."

This blog (I will get there eventually...probably) is about...finding ways to love this body.  Finding ways to dress this body in a way that is flattering (because I DO love a loose tunic top with leggings and a big cardigan to cover up any idea you might have that I might have curves.

This blog is about finding those curves and embracing them.  My sister gifted me this book:

I love that it is all about helping those of us who want to feel good about the body we're in, and specifically (as you can surely read) about dressing your body for it's shape and celebrating cuuuuuuurves.

So here (I think we're finally HERE) we (and by that I mean I) am going to (try to) post outfit photos (like a fashion blog but not really) in order to document my journey in finding my body again.  Hopefully we will all learn something along the way, and maybe you can join me if you are in the same boat and we can encourage one another and hoot and holler about how beautiful we are even when we don't feel it.

PS.  I'm still making clothing ( and there is more coming SOON!

Thanks for reading...if anyone is there...*crickets
Well hello crickets, nice of you to join me.  Shall we pass the chips?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

New on Etsy: Fall Cardigans

Hey everyone!  Today I wanted to share with you my new Fall Cardigans!  They are my favorite part of my F/W 2016 Collection so far.  They are the perfect cozy, drape-y, stylish layering pieces to have in one's closet!

These are available in Black/Tan, Cream, Black/Pink in sizes S/M and L/XL for $50.00 and are available for pre-order right now in my Etsy shop!

These have been my favorite to make, I'll be bringing these to the fall sales I'm doing (click here for shows) along with my Zipper Cowls and Heidi Hoods!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Behind the Scenes With Pure Anada

Photos by Krysten Cathleen Photography

Last week I scheduled a photoshoot for my Etsy shop and had the pleasure of working with a local makeup company, Pure Anada.  The lovely Kristen came down to do our makeup before we headed out to our shoot location, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

Here's Heidi's look:

Photos by Krysten Cathleen Photography

We wanted a super light, summer look with a smooth pink lip.

Along with the powders shown above, we also used Pure Anada's fantastic Natural Mascara in black (one of my personal favorite products), the Berry lip pencil, Fresh Mandarin mineral blush and a translucent pressed powder.

Here's Anne's Look:

Photos by Krysten Cathleen Photography

With Anne's skin tone Kristen went with a different palette for her eyes with gorgeous creme and yellow shades.

Huge thanks to Pure Anada for doing our makeup for us and making us look so beautiful and fresh!

Check out Pure Anada's natural makeup products on their Website, Facebook, and Instagram!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

At The Greenhouse

Skirt from my Etsy Shop, photo by Krysten Cathleen Photography

This week we headed to my local Greenhouse and had the most wonderful photoshoot!  I'm so excited to share these behind the scenes photos with you!

There were flowers galore which was perfect for the Summer clothing we were shooting!

I'll admit, I sorta forgot how hot greenhouses can be, and I am surprised I don't look how I feel in this next photo - I was literally sweating from my eyelids!

Makeup by Pure Anada Cosmetics

Despite the heat it was a really fun shoot and I am even more excited to show you the shots to update my Etsy listings and add the new pieces (2 new kimonos are coming!)

Follow me on Instagram @heidi_and_seek for sneak peeks and new designs!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

WEST Spring Sale - April 30th

A few weekends ago I was a vendor at the WEST Spring Market in Winnipeg.  It was a super fun day, lots of traffic and people to meet!

Here's our group photo before the event began (all photos by Bixipix Photography)

We had a large crowd for most of the day which was super nice and kept us busy!

Here's my display including one-of-a-kind items as well as my new Kimonos and Pleated Skirts!

Another friend was there, Real Swanky with her delightful needlepoint art!  

I also had a partner in crime, Chrisy from Boutique Sew Chique (check out her ADORABLE aprons!)

This piece was my best seller of the day!  I love the print and the fringe, it's so summery and comfy for Summer!  See more Kimonos here