Saturday, October 4, 2014

Birthday Boy

It's this hunky dunky's 30th birthday today!! I love you husband!!

I have all kinds of plans for today, photos to come!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Wore Stories: How I Really Feel

There is a reason I did not post this outfit.  I feel like I look fat and ugly.  Which is funny because I love this outfit!  But I hate these pictures.  However-this is about getting real and SO here we are.

I don't look super impressed do I?  Guess what, I was trying to give my super hot fashion outfit face.  Not so hot is it?

Then my husband caught this pretty picture from a different angle, which I loved and used on Instagram and for my Facebook profile, etc.

Then...I felt awkward and did something a little more silly (see below).  It's not even that silly I realize, but what I love about this is that this picture is much more me than the first two.  I am not a fashion model, I am a silly fun-loving woman who just loves to put outfits together!

Here's a little smile about how I feel about doing something silly.  I probably see people walking by too and I'm a little embarrassed about them seeing us taking outfit pictures.

I just want to thank everyone who provided feedback on my last post, I sort of forgot how many people I can reach on here and on Facebook and was a little scared once I thought about who would all be reading it.  But I'm not taking it down because I want to be real.

So here is a real outfit post, that I don't really like, but I am a real woman.  I have hips and a chest and guess what, I don't look like this girl in the photo that was my inspiration for this outfit.

BUT I am not her, she is not me, we have different shapes and professions and lifestyles!
We need to stop comparing ourselves to other people. 

My challenge to you is-attempt to love who you are RIGHT NOW.  Don't get down on yourself about what you look like or what you wish you looked like in the future and why you can't get there, etc.
If you want to change something about it, then it's good to make goals but we need to love ourselves within the process.

I'm writing this for myself as well, what I'm saying doesn't really sink in with me yet either, I just know something has to change and I'm tired of trying to be something I'm not and wondering why I'm trying to be something I am not anyway.  

SO.  I hope you'll continue with me on this journey, and for those of you who are interested in the fashion aspect, here's my outfit details!

Sandals-Spring // Skirt-Maurices // Tank-Dynamite // Necklace-Garage sale find // Hat-Forever 21

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let's get real.

No makeup, bad lighting, fuzzy.... real.

Are you tired, like I am of following fashion blogs that feature skinny minnies and clothing you can't fit into let alone look good in?  ME TOO!

Don't get me wrong, those women are beautiful and have crazy good style.  They're probably really cool people too.  What I'm feeling lately though, is that it's time to get real.  

I LOVE fashion.  I am a shopaholic-at least I would be if my allowance let me!  I really love fashion blogs, and seeing what people are wearing, the new style, etc.  But for me those looks aren't a regular thing.  It's not a real basis for me.  I wish!  But my life isn't cut out that way.

I've tried to be a fashion blogger, not very successfully but there's a reason for that.  I am not a size 2.  I'm also not a size 4 or a size 6.  I'm usually a size 8 or 10 which-guess what-is AVERAGE!  So why do I feel so fat and ugly all the time?  Because I've been conditioned to feel that I need to be a size 2 to be worth something, to be beautiful.  

Wonder why you feel so bad about yourself all the time?  It's because we have this unrealistic expectation that we SHOULD be smaller.  Why can't we just be what we are?  I have a problem with eating junk food.  I'm working on it!  I'm also trying to change the way I think from "I need to be skinny" to "I need to be healthy and take care of myself."

Why else have I not succeeded as a fashion blogger? Because I don't have a photographer with me at all times.  I don't have fancy lighting or hours in a day to go out and get the best shot.  I have a part-time job, I go to school one night a week, I have my small business on the side, not to mention a husband, families and friends!  I don't have time to look awesome ALL the time.

I find that at times when I go out, my mood is reflected by how I feel about my outfit.  If I don't feel comfortable or stylish in something, I will probably not be in a great mood and feel ugly and fat.  
I have refused to wear runners on walks with my husband because runners are not stylish.  Whaaat?

Where am I going with this?  What a good question.  I'm not quite sure myself EXCEPT that I do have an idea.

I want to attempt a REAL fashion blog.  A real life fashion blog.  Even outfits I feel fat and ugly in, but also ones I'm proud of and feel good in.  I am a curvy girl, and I hate my hips-but why?  I should embrace the curve and focus more on my inner beauty and what makes me unique on the inside instead of on the outside.  

I want to spend less time worrying about what I will wear to hang out with my friends in hopes people will think I'm soooooo stylish, and more time thinking about how I can love my friends and enjoy their company.

I don't know how this will look or what it means exactly, but I felt the need to share.

Here is a video that has been on my mind lately-because it's super fun and awesome but also celebrates a body that 'aint no size 2!'  Let's get real, and celebrate our inner beauty... and our love for fashion, but try to love who we are right now.

Every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top!  Thanks for reading :)

xoxo Heidi