Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Something New!!

I have something else new to share with you! I've been working on these for the Flea Market this weekend: Rosette Headbands! They're SO fun to make and I think they're SOOOOO pretty!! The best part, is that they're all made from fabric scraps :)

Look for these babies in my etsy shop sometime next week (if there's any left!)


  1. those are gorgeous! love the polka dot one and multi-colored ones best. but all of them are fantastic!

    good luck selling at the flea market. i'm sure people will love them!

  2. I love these! very wearable! I am a new blogger and was excited that you were too...and then I realized that you had just moved and know what you're doing. Haha. I like your blog.

  3. you're so sweet! Trust me, I still have no idea what I'm doing! ;)


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