Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is Here!

Okay it's only Spring in my studio and my handmade etsy shop. We're expecting a winter storm over the next 2 days in which we are supposed acquire about 25cm of snow. BOO.

However, in celebration of Spring coming to stay at some point hopefully soon, I've started my Spring and Summer products! The first to go up in the store are these tank tops, made from pillowcases!

I made a few for myself last year and I love 'em. They're loose fitting which is really nice on hot days when I don't want my clothes to stick to me, and they go with everything! Skinny jeans, shorts, pencil name it. I'll be having my stuff at a local Flea Market this Saturday and I'm working away at new things for that which I'll be showing you in the near future :)

Thanks for stopping by!!

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