Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Etsy Favorites

I love etsy. I could (and do) spend hours perusing it every day, and I'd like to share some of my favorite new finds with you today :)

I love these color block sweaters (I sent the link to my boyfriend who says he doesn't like them :( what a poop (just kidding!)) I love how retro looking they are.

Alexander Campaz Check it out

what's next? BOOTS!! I love boots. Whenever we play Rock Band at our friend Nathan's, I get excited about the new boots I may have won my character. It's a bit ridiculous.

Granny's Bootery

Here we have cute little pouches for all your apple needs. Handmeade, recycled cases for your iPad, iPhone, Ipod, or MacBook. Super cute construction with fun vintage fabrics.


This next shop has unique items, and what gets me the most is the artistic way they are represented. Simple backgrounds but so much aesthetic appeal, I want to look at their shop even just for the artistry.

AM Radio

And finally, these striped tote bags make me want to go to the beach SO BAD!!!! They've got some other really cute stuff too :)

Bayan Hippo

Hope you're all enjoying your weekends! It's super nice here and I'm stuck inside at work...with no windows. So sad! But hey! You can now Follow my blog with bloglovin Aren't you lucky?



  1. some really great finds! i haven't looked through etsy in a while. looks like it may be time to.

  2. I love discovering Etsy treasures through fellow bloggers! Those boots are awesome - going to check out the site now :)

  3. I saw those sweaters too, and wondered if Andrew would be up for that! They're wonderful.

  4. love those guy shirts! i gotta get my hubby in some like that. and those striped bags are so beachy and summery. great stuff! <3


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