Friday, May 27, 2011

Remember Janis Joplin?

Remember this? A friend at work asked me to style her as Janis Joplin for a fundraising concert! Here's the look I came up with.

She's wearing:
-boots: thrifted
-tights: Joe
-Dress: thrifted maxi dress that I altered into a mini dress and shortened the long sleeve to 3/4 length
-crocheted poncho: thrifted
-bracelets: a beaded necklace wrapped around her wrist a few times
-Bottle cap shades: thrifted
-belt: Warehouse One

All photos by Russ Dueck


  1. This looks awesome! You did a great job, girl. You're making me want a Janis Joplin makeover!

  2. i love your poncho!!! :)


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