Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This beautiful camera bag from Jo Totes is on it's way to me!! I bought a new camera last week and of course I need a camera bag in which to put it!

I heard about Jo Totes on A Beautiful Mess when she was advertising this pretty tote bag
and then she did a giveaway for the Millie bag in sugar plum and I thought it was so pretty! SO. It had to be done and I can't wait to carry it around and feel all chic with a pretty camera bag :)

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, I've been super busy! Speaking of which-gotta go!


  1. AHH I am so jealous! I entered the giveaway and have been eying those bags for months. I really need a cool camera bag (im glad you got the one with the long strap, it seems so much more versatile when you are actually out shooting)but I haven't wanted to fork the money up for it. I am going to try and make one out of a sturdy purse with some foam lining I will cover in fabric. wish me luck!

  2. I just discovered these also! AMAZING!


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