Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shop Update!

HEY GUESS WHAT?! Canada Post is back in business which means I am too! I'm finally able to put up my lovely Party dresses. Click on the links to see more :)

White Eyelet

Ribbons and Bows

Floral Coral

Pistachio Picnic

Pink Lemonade


  1. the white outlet dress is so beautiful!! if you ever want to be a part of my citybirds chirps let me know! i would love to promote you!


  2. goodness i love these! i'm especially eyeing the ribbons and bows one. gorgeous! will check out your shop now. woohoo!

  3. CUTE! Floral Coral and Pink Lemonade are my favorites. You chose a great location for these photos too- so pretty! I'm glad to hear my friends up North can get their shops back on the ball.


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