Sunday, July 17, 2011

Surprise Dates

Last weekend this guy took me on a surprise date!

We went to Bravos for lunch (this is a grilled lemon chicken burger with tzatziki sauce! YUM!)

Then we took a walk around a park and found this little art gallery in the park! (Which, crazy enough is called 'Gallery in the Park' haha)

It was a lot of fun, especially since it was sorta spontaneous and I LOVE surprise dates :) They are my favorite. So so sorry for being absent a lot, this Summer is proving very busy for me. I'm in a musical in 2 weeks (Beauty & the Beast!) and that is taking up a lot of my time right now.

On an exciting note, I'm making another round of dresses this week for the shop! This will be the last round for the summer and then it's on to fall items! I'm excited! There will be lots of circle scarves, Heidi Hoods, and some new things I'll introduce as well :) Can't wait!

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