Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'M ENGAGED!!! To the most wonderful man in the world. He proposed on Sunday night and it's been a whirlwind already!

Here's the story:
I had just come back from a very long weekend of doing the 'Beauty and the Beast' musical, driving back and forth from town to town, getting up at 6am to curl my hair because I had to work all day and then drive half an hour right after to make it on time WITH my hair still curled (it worked, but I don't know how!).

Matt's mom had supper waiting for me so I went to their house and Matt almost immediately asked if we could go for milkshakes that evening. 'Sure' I thought, getting milkshakes is a fun thing to do on a summer evening. So I took my time eating supper, little did I know how antsy Matt was getting and I kept apologizing for eating so slowly but I was EXHAUSTED. So then I needed a shower to wash out the curls and the lipstick so that was another 15-20 minutes he had to wait anxiously..

SO-I'm ready to go, SUPER tired, he asks if I still want to go for milkshakes, and so I said sure because he was really adamant about it. So we head over to the drive-in and he parks in the parking lot of the neighboring building-not unusual, he likes to park where nobody else parks :P-and we walk over to stand in line at the window.

So a little bit of back story: We'd been dating 3 weeks when we stopped at this same drive-in for milkshakes after I'd met his family, and this is where he told me he loved me for the first time :) So I can't have a lot of dairy and this particular ice cream of theirs does not sit very well with me so I wasn't going to have anything. Matt ordered a peanut butter chocolate milkshake and I smiled to myself because I remembered that was what he'd ordered that first time. He asked what I was smiling about to which I answered 'nothing' and then he asked if I remembered when was the last time he'd ordered it and I say yes of course.

Then we walked back to the vehicle and I asked him if it reminded him of when we were falling in love (little did i know). We got back into the vehicle and he has a strange look on his face so I asked 'what?' and he said 'just deciding how bold I want to be' which is exactly what he said before he told me he loved me that first time :) So I laughed cuz it was cute and then he asked if he could be bold. And that was kinda odd so I said 'sure?' and he reached into the back seat, pulled out the ring box and asked me to marry him :D I was shocked to say the least. Here I was, barely coherent after such a busy weekend, I couldn't comprehend what was going on, and I believe there was a lot of 'ARE YOU SERIOUS?' going on ;)

YAY! There's the story. What a sweetheart. AND, here's my ring!

We spent all day yesterday running around telling friends and family, and finally we could relax and start some planning! Matt made us Strawberry Mint Lemonade (I picked a winner :D) and bought me my first bridal magazines! We sat on the couch discussing some plans :) I AM SO EXCITED TO PLAN OUR WEDDING!!!!

He picked a Belgium diamond so we got a box of Belgian chocolates from the jeweler which came in a chocolate box!

I am so excited I get to marry my best friend :D YAY!




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  2. congrats sweetie! that is super exciting news! now the wedding planing begins, so much fun!


  3. So excited for you both. You have an amazing ring and an even better fiance!

  4. Oh my goodness! Congrats my dear! That is so exciting!

  5. Congratulations Heidi! I'm so excited for you. :) Enjoy all of the planning!

  6. WOW sounds like you sure have a keeper!
    congrats once again heidi!
    marriage is a blast!!!!

  7. YAY!!!! Isn't it sooo exciting? Our rings look the exact same except your diamond looks more square and mine is rounded. It's gorgeous, Heidi! Congrats!!!

    Oh and I also want to hear the whole story asap!! :D

  8. Congrats!!! Chocolate and diamonds = a happy woman!


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