Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fargo Pt.2

The first night we got there, we went to Famous Dave's for supper! I'd never been, and wow, what an experience! We ordered a few appetizers-this one is BBQ chips with ranch sauce and bacon! WOW.

If you've never been either, this is what the restaurant looks like! It made me feel like I was at some sort of fair or festival, eating in the middle of all the lights and game booths!

Starting with the corn moving clock-wise: Corn on the cob, corn bread (THE BEST cornbread I've ever had!!!), coleslaw, pulled pork, the best ribs I've ever had, chicken, and in the middle-baked beans.  This is my husband's favorite food-BBQ :)  It was so delicious, I will definitely go with him again!

And of course we had to go to ihop-I love crepes, so I always go for crepes when we get to go there!
Finally, we had brunch at Ruby Tuesday! I'd never been there either and we had their Sunday brunch which was RIDICULOUSLY fantastic. Probably the best brunch I've ever had at a restaurant. Starting with the bacon, going clock-wise: Bacon, Cherry pastry, eggs Benedict, cake type thing with icing, doughnut holes, croissant, and an sticky apple type thing in the center.  This does not even scratch the surface of all the food they had.  If you've never been, I would highly recommend it!

And there you have our food adventures of the weekend :) Next up: Antique mall adventures!

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