Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nora Ellice

Okay you guys, I'm introducing to you for the first time, my little niece, Nora Ellice :) Isn't she the sweetest little thing you've ever seen? That's her with her mom, my sister the day she was born, I could melt into a puddle :)

I've been sick for the last little while, so I've not been able to see her since the hospital!! I'm feeling better though, so hopefully soon. This is the first baby in the family, and I can tell, she's gonna be spoiled rotten :)


  1. she is adorable! so so precious! yea when our first niece was born she was spoiled and may be a little til this day, she is the first born after all :) hope you get to see her again soon! being an auntie is awesome!

  2. There is nothing in life quite at precious as a new baby. How darling!

    xoxo Mama Wolf.


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