Monday, October 22, 2012


I am CRAZY busy getting ready for a charity fashion show! Here's what's been going on the last little while! Family shopping trip to find little sis some shoes for walking around in her new home-Vancouver!

Surprised husband for his birthday and took him to his FAVORITE restaurant, Famous Dave's which just opened up in the city!

Followed by some sweet treats from some sweet friends :) (board games not pictured)

Pumpkin carving on Thanksgiving!

Iron Man (Husband), Hunger Games (sister), Cool Dot Design (moi)

Whew.  What a crazy October, with no sign of let-up in November! ACK! Hope you guys are doing good!


  1. yes you have been busy! i love that you did a mockingjay pumpkin! you are awesome!!!!

  2. wow, i am very impressed with your pumpkins...mine are never anything more than the boring faces!!

  3. Love that mockingjay pumpkin! Very cool. And you and your husband are so cute together :)


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