Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wore Stories: Heart on My Sleeve

Wow the weather has changed! I'm definitely not running around in sandals anymore, it's socks and boots for me these days, and this photo is from last week! Crazy.

Sandals: F21
Pants: Urban Planet
Blouse: F21
Necklace: Ten Thousand Villages

In case you missed it, here's the tutorial for the Lace Pocket DIY


  1. I love your top and your necklace is beautiful! The name of the company sounds familar. I think toms mom bought me some bike earrings when she went to chicago. They are made by ladies from africa and they make a living off selling their goods. Such a great company if it is the same one.

    1. It does sound like it! It's all fair trade items, made by impoverished artisan groups in developing countries so that they can make a fair wage to provide for their families! Agreed-a wonderful company :)

  2. This is a stunning look! I love the beautiful necklace and those pants are the perfect fall colour.

    Alexandra xo


  3. Eek! I love the lace pocket on those pants! What a great surprise to "end" the post. I will have to check out that DIY (and thank goodness there is one!)


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