Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Crafty Christmas: Scalloped Tree Skirt

Today's DIY is a spin-off of this version of a scalloped Tree Skirt. I followed the same directions except I sewed fabric on top of the felt. 

Here's what you need:
-The template from the Martha Stewart Website
-Enough felt to make 16 cutouts from the template (I bought mine at Walmart)
-A few varieties of patterned fabric and then some solids as well.

Here's what you do:
1. Place the paper template on the felt.
2. Cut out 16 of these
3. Cut out 16 pieces of fabric, as many of each pattern as you like
4. Sew the fabric on top of the felt pieces-it doesn't have to be perfect, because this is sort of a patchwork style it doesn't matter if it's not quite right :)
5. First put all your pieces next to each other until they form a circle. Then sew them together in pairs. In this picture I have two pieces face to face and I sewed them together up the edge, then when you open it up (6) you have sort of an upside down skinny heart shape.

7. Once you have all your pairs, start sewing them together, but leave about 2" unsewn at the tips because otherwise you will have a circle and you won't be able to wrap it around the tree!

It's sorta smallish, so if you want a fuller one you can either make the wedges longer or you could do 2 and put another layer underneath and have it out wider.

Now the tree's all ready to welcome presents :)



  1. I LOVE the fabrics you used!! Very pretty :)

  2. Damn! I wish I could sew! I would LOVE this under our tree!! :) Nice work, mama!


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