Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Exercise Routine

I've been thinking about sharing my exercise routine here with you, and I was reminded to do so after reading Made By Andi's post about her exercise story. (PS, if you don't already read Made By Andi, you probably should)

I have a day job, and so I had to try to figure out when the best time to work out was, considering that I come home from work, and then work on my handmade business. I've found that the best thing is to do it right away, before I start sewing because I'm never motivated to do my workout after I've already started doing something else. I try to do this from Monday-Friday, and take a break on Saturday and Sunday.

For my workouts, I use Nike Training Club. It's an app for your iPod or iPad (I've used both), and it includes tons of workout routines with a variety of moves and exercises (you never do any one thing for more than 2 minutes at a time).

It also plays music from your iTunes along with it! There are instructional videos and photos on how to do every move, and it also tracks your time and unlocks rewards like extra workouts, smoothie recipes, etc.

Instead of listening to music, I like to watch old seasons of America's Next Top Model while I work out, it sorta adds a treat element to it and makes it go by WAY faster.

As I'm getting 'older' I want to try to make exercising part of my everyday routine because I don't want to get lazy or unable to do things later on in life. I can't wait until Summer when I can be outside and go for walks with my husband, bike rides, aquafit at the many more ways to make exercising more enjoyable!

That's my routine, what's yours?


  1. My routine? I'm not as active and outgoing as you, but we do have almost the same workout routine. I don't have those apps, but what I do have are: My own program, a snicker specific for such activity, a playlist to get me hyped and an instructional video. Kathleen Andrews @ FitnessTogether

  2. Sounds like an interesting app. How does it work? Do you have to manually set the time for each exercise? Of course we all have different needs for levels of work out. Does it come with workout programs specific to a certain goal? Because, you know, not everyone who works out wants to lose weight; some just simply want to tone their figure. Carmelia @

  3. “As I'm getting 'older' I want to try to make exercising part of my everyday routine because I don't want to get lazy or unable to do things later on in life.” – That’s right! The older we get, our body slowly deteriorates, and that’s just inevitable. But with a balanced diet and regular exercise, you could hold aging at bay. Divina Wicker @ Fitness Together Chagrin Falls


I really appreciate your comments :) You'll be hearing from me soon!!