Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saturday-by hourly photos

10am-Motivational cleaning music

11am-Heating up leftovers for me and husband

12pm-Watching The Office during lunch

1pm-Working on new clutches

2pm-Listening to Harry Potter audio book while sewing!

3pm-Prep pieces for clutches

4pm-A little detail

5pm-Cooking supper

6pm-Ready to consume: Vereneki with cream gravy, sausage and peas!

7pm-10pm-Girls night out!

It was a very productive day, and fun to end it with a girls night :) Tonight is the superbowl, where I am looking forward to eating good food and watching commercials and the half-time show! What are you up to?


  1. those clutches look great! I tried making my own but can't sew them evenly:P let me know when those are up in your shop:)

  2. schmautfat! yum! I love cream gravy just like my mom used to make


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