Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Lately...we've been eating food, and it's been good!  I thought, why keep these all to myself, when you could enjoy them too!  But to give credit where credit is due, I'll just give you the links to the recipes I used!

Yesterday we had these Stuffed Peppers

Also this week we had Fire Pot Soup
*Next time I would do chicken instead of shrimp

Last week we had Mushroom Orzotto (OH MY GOODNESS YUM)
*Next time I would omit the parsley and do more mushrooms!

I started a new Pinterest board called 'Food I Will Make Again' where I'm putting all the food I've made online that I would, well, make again!  Feel free to check it out


  1. I do the same thing on my Pinterest! I've made stuffed peppers before too! Sooo good!

  2. Great post, all your cooking looks so gourmet uber jealous!


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