Monday, June 3, 2013

A Beautiful Day at the Festival

Yesterday I set up a tent at a local music festival and it was awesome!  The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day!  Here's a few photos I snapped during the day.

I couldn't help be find these play tents from Color Addiction adorable and like I wanted to be a little kid pretending to be a princess and crawl inside that tent and read about fairy tales...but perhaps it's more suited to my niece ;)

She's learning to walk!

My dad made me these beautiful wooden necklace displays (I got the idea from this post by Holly Dolly) just in time for the show to display my new statement necklaces!  I can't wait to photograph these for Etsy, they're so beautiful!

I also have a few Flower Crowns coming...

and I've started production on a number of items from my Spring/Summer collection, these should be up in my Etsy shop next week!  This means that instead of requesting a custom tank top or dress you can purchase one right away!  There will be LOTS of color options to choose from :)

How was your weekend? Was there beautiful weather to enjoy?

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