Friday, April 22, 2011

Date Night!

The other day me and my man celebrated 14 months. And by celebrated, I just mean that we did something a little more special than staying in and watching TV or something like that. We don't make a huge deal of the months in between, but it's nice to acknowledge the day :) So we went out for appetizers after I was done work.

Here's what I wore

Here's what he wore! I texted him from work telling him I was dressing up, and asked what he was wearing. He responded that he was wearing his blue cowboy shirt, and was that ok? And I said of course! He loves 'cowboy' shirts and I have found him some AMAZING ones at thrift stores. Best ever!

And here we are doing what we do best

This necklace I got from his mom when we were in Florida in January :)

The pattern of my skirt


What I'm wearing:

Boots: thrifted
Leg Warmers: Ardene
Tights: Joe
Skirt: Forever 21
Top: ....I have no idea
Bandeau: American Apparel
Headband: Made by moi

Hope everyone has an amazing Easter weekend!


  1. super cute! love that you guys went for date night. the hubby and i managed to get out for a quick bite too. went to a gastropub while his parents babysat. always nice to step away from the TV and actually go out!

  2. Love the outfit! Anniversaries are awesome, and date nights too. Congrats on yours!


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