Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sometimes I like to buy myself presents...I love getting stuff in the mail, it feels special :)

So I've been trying to get a top from PPP for some time now (I did a feature of her on my old blog-find it here), my favorites are always sold right aways.
First there was this one: I could imagine myself wearing that with skinny jeans and my leather flip flops

Then this one, Just looks comfy

Then this gorgeous green one (I love that color!)

And finally, I got this one! It arrived in the mail today and it fits perfectly! I can't wait until it's warm enough out to wear it :)

And I'm currently loving this one as well, it looks super pretty and comfortable, but it's a pretty penny. So I'll let someone else have that one ;)

Make sure you check out her Blog and Shop! It's not your normal fashion show, but it's unique and fun, made with heart and soul.


  1. Yaayy, the Mystery Machine, how cool! :D But I like the one you got too, it has a great shade of green!
    Oh I would totally trade you the damp German summers in a heartbeat too ;) I heard from a Canadian blogger friend that it gets really really cold in Canada in winter, but that compared to Germany (where summmers and winters are damp resp. wet) you have a rather dry cold, so I'd love to experience such a dry cold winter someday.

    Have a nice Easter weekend! :)

  2. oh my gosh I want all of those! :D

  3. So cute! I love buying things and having them shipped to me. Sometimes I'll buy something just to receive something in the mail. I always call them 'presents'.

  4. thanks, Heidi. Thanks. Now I'm soooooo wanting one of these tops. I like the plaid flannel one and the black one. man! good thing my bday is coming up and my sis just asked me what i want. i'm emailing her the link now :)

    love your shirt as well! great choice!

  5. these are beautiful! I love the falling-off-the-shoulder look. Perfect for summer! Makes me want to order something for myself... :)

  6. oh my got i LOVE those shirts! especially the scooby doo one! they look fantastic on you! will for sure check the store out! do you have feather extensions in? they look great on you!


  7. Thanks everyone! Bad Taste Toast-Canada winters are definitely a dry cold, at least where I live. On the West Coast it's definitely more of a wet cold. CB, that's not me though, those are just the tops I wanted but were already sold when I got there! That's the model for Poor Pitiful Pearl ;)

  8. All those tops are super cute!! I really like your dress too. What great finds!

  9. Cute idea...yea I bet that dress took a while to make...



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