Friday, April 29, 2011

Hey Yer

I am very lazy with my hair. After a shower I usually towel dry it, put in some mousse, scrunch it, blow dry my bangs and GO. The days following I will put it half up, occaaaaaasionally put it in a ponytail (and more recently I've been trying the top knot) but I'm getting pretty bored with it down all the time (mind you that's usually because I don't give myself time to do much else), so I've been looking for hair inspiration and here's some looks I've found.

And here's something I've been trying here and there, I really like it, the diagonal braid in the back is so much fun! I`ve always loved french braids.

Want more ideas? Check out my hair inspiration board on Pinterest!


  1. now that my hair is longer i can do so many things with, it excites me so! i can't do the single braid yet but i am getting there...that is one i really can't wait for!


  2. goodness what glorious pics I wish I could do stuff with my hair...not talented at all.

  3. So guilty of being lazy with my hair too! Yep...wash, blast briefly with hair dryer and I am out the door. These inspirations have me wanting to step it up a notch for sure :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  4. Wow, the hairstyles look so amazing :)

  5. I am also trying to get away from my lazy hair habits. I've found that a little lock swept to the back and held with a cute bobby pin is a quick, easy way to dress up my hair when I wear it down. You've found some really cute ideas too! I especially love your diagonal braid. Anyone who sees me regularly knows that I am not at all a stranger to braids. ;-)

  6. I've been sporting the ultra high, super messy bun (as in the second photo) lately and have been absolutely loving it!

    Super easy and chic.

    That first photo is pretty much my dream hair. Gorgeous!


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