Sunday, May 22, 2011

Outfit Post!

Why hello everyone! So sorry I haven't been around, for some reason I have been ridiculously busy and have not had the normal time to check back to all your blogs as of late, hopefully I can get to that soon! In the meantime, here is what I wore to church this morning-I know I look scowly when I'm squinting but I tried to smile this time!! I'm not angry, promise I'm not! :P

Outfit Details:
Shoes: Thrifted
Tights: Joe
Skirt: Thrifted
Top: Forever 21
Bandeau: American Apparel
Cardigan: Forever 21
Necklace: Handmade by me. (Really I just put a key onto a string but...yay me!)

I also have pictures from a trip to the cabin that happened earlier this week which I will hopefully have to show you tomorrow!! Hope all you Canadians are enjoying the long weekend!!!


  1. I love the top! The whole outfit though is beyond adorable and perfect. I wish that I could still wear cardigans (my favorite clothing item) but it's already waaaayyyy too hot here. You look great!

  2. i love the pattern combination! and that key necklace is great!


  3. Your outfit is super cute! Love the mixing of patterns and colours - you do it so well! :)
    And I just noticed that you look a little like Emily Blunt. Has anyone ever told you that before? Because you totally kinda sorta do.

  4. The key necklace is actually a good idea! and I love your skirt :)

  5. Love your outfit!!! I love the key necklace and I definitely need to get some grey stockings! :D

    <3 Belly B

  6. OOO that necklace is such a creative idea!! I love it =) Also love your mix of prints here. Super cute! =)

  7. love that you mixed patterns and what a great paperbag skirt! you look fab. glad you're back!

  8. love your key-necklace :) Great idea :)
    love Lois xxx

  9. Don't knock your ability to put a key on a string - I can't even come up with that!

    You look lovely - love the florals with the stripes.

  10. Love the shoes and skirt!

    Thanks for stopping by - it is nice to step back and look at the world with a child's eyes sometimes!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  11. This outfit is so cute! I could have used it for my "everyday skirts" inspiration post too! I love the mix of stripes and florals paired with the elegant black. And these simple black heels are so perfect, I wish I would thrift a pair like these!


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