Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY: My Hair is a Bird's Next

Hey everyone, it's hairdo time!! A long time ago I found this tutorial for the bird's nest bun. I love it, I think it is so fun and probably one of my favorite up-dos. I haven't been able to make one so big yet, but I try.

So here's my tutorial for you!

1. Bend over. (Don't worry, there's more, silly!)

2. Put your hair in a super high ponytail, making sure to leave out whatever bangs you would like to have out of the ponytail.

3. Back comb sections of the ponytail-make sure you back comb all the way to the ends so that you get a lot of volume and fullness.

4. Wrap hair around ponytail like you would a bun-BUT-do it loosely so that you get a big bad bun instead a teeny weeny one. You maybe have to play around with it to get the shape you want.

*Optional-add cute hair accessories to the bottom 'corner' of the bun for some more pizzazz :)
Now go turn your hair into a bird's nest!


  1. Oh my gosh. I literally just tried the linked diy version of this and holy moley...turned out perfectly! Thanks for sharing this! Much appreciated.

  2. i love the idea of a messy bun. i'm so lazy with my hair that it's usually down, in a hat or in a ponytail. but this looks cute!

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  3. Cool hairstyle!!!



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