Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Canada Day Weekend Pt.1

Well hello! It's Tuesday, and I just went back to work today after the long weekend (Canada Day Weekend!). My husband's hobby is fishing, and this is what he likes to do on weekends. Therefore I was told that July long weekend was all for me! (The other long weekends are for fishing you see). So we decided to do something fun.

We left Friday late afternoon (books on TAPE YO!)

We stayed at Place Louis Riel Went to The Forks (more than once!) and stopped at the sugar mountain express which is their candy shop inside an old train car! We were looking for some Bean Boozled, but did not have any luck.

It was SO HOT all weekend long-if anyone from Manitoba reads this blog, you know what I'm talking about. Thank goodness for summer dresses. And also air conditioning. And also gelato.

These are all my instagrams from this weekend, I will share the pictures I took with my camera very soon! Any Canadian's out there? How did you celebrate Canada Day?


  1. I am Canadian! haha. For our long weekend we managed to get to Port Stanley beach on Lake Erie. Just for the day. The rest was spent at home with family.

    1. Awesome! I wanted to go to the beach so bad, but my husband is not a beach go-er so we settled on gelato instead ;)


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