Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Canada Day Weekend Pt.2

Hi! I'm now going to share with you day 2 of our Canada Day Weekend Adventure!
We started out with an amazing breakfast at The Don

And then headed out to check out some antique shops, coffee shops and I was super excited to check out Rhymes With Orange because I read their fabulous blog and we were told by the man working in the store that Stephanie and Erin were out at the Osborne Street Festival with their trailer Olive and oh my gosh. I can't believe I didn't take pictures of their set-up and the inside of the trailer. It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Here's some snaps of their store!

So, on the suggestion of Doug, we headed out to the Osborne Street Festival and had a BLAST. Though it as incredibly hot, we had such a great time walking through the streets, checking out all the booths and stores, drinking lemonade, and just enjoying the festivities.

I bought the cutest pink leather bow from Bronwyn, who had tons of other cute stuff-patterned cutoff shorts, leather zipper clutches, mullet skirts and so much more. We had so much fun, and will definitely go again next year if possible! UNLESS I have my own table set up there :D Then we'll be out in the heat all day :)

I got this super cute summer dress and a lace skirt from Out of the Blue-they were having an amazing sale and I got both items for $30 each!

Stay tuned for a wedding ceremony post and Canada Day Weekend Pt.3 coming soon! :)


  1. I am insanely jealous of your long weekend! Particularly getting to shop at Rhymes with Orange. I also follow their blog and man that store just looks SO sweet!! Too bad it's quite the drive from Ontario, or I'd be there in a second!
    Looks like you had the greatest time :)

  2. haha our pictures are very much alike of the shop! greats know. hopefully we will both have tables this year for canada day!


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