Thursday, July 5, 2012


It's hard to describe the feeling of being a minute away from your wedding ceremony...I remember it feeling very surreal, like I was watching it happen but not actually doing it. I'd put so many details into the decorations and small touches here and there, and it turned out perfectly :)

All I remember from the ceremony is smiling like a crazy person, trying to subtly whisper to Matt that he was putting the ring on the wrong finger (hehe), and beaming at the person I most love in the whole entire world :)

I got everyone to dance down the aisle as our guests blew noise makers we had at the door for them to pick up on their way in! It was awesome!

See Getting Ready Pt.1 here and Getting Ready Pt.2 here Photos by Michael Thomas Photography


  1. Wow your dress is stunning ampnd i love the bridesmaids dresses so much!

  2. Your dress is DIVINE!!! You look so gorgeous, you beautiful bride. Congratulations!!!!


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