Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wedding Photos: The Bowling Lanes

In my last wedding post, I showed a few pictures from our first location, the public library. Our second location was the bowling alley!

The story behind this one is that this is where he took me on our very first date :) I remember exactly what I wore, I remember what he was wearing, I remember the music that was playing in his jeep on our way to the bowling alley....INSERT SAPPY SIGH HERE

Our very first date he took me bowling, then to Smitty's where we ordered pie and ice-cream and didn't eat it :)

Today it's 6 months that we've been married, I've loved every minute <3


  1. these are adorable! i love that you did something fun and sentimental with your wedding pictures!

  2. Aw your photos are just beautiful!

  3. awe that's so cute! first date photo! I remember our first date was at a swanky little Italian restaurant with the best food in our foodie town.

  4. This is 100% certifiably adorable. For serious. I love it!


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