Friday, December 5, 2014

DIY Craft Christmas 2014: Gift Toppers

It's time for another Craft Christmas Tutorial!!  This one was also featured on BT Winnipeg (see video here)

This is a fun way to add some creativity and sparkle to your gifts.  Super easy and fast, only a little bit of mess ;)

Here's what you need:

Wrapping Paper, Scissors, Ribbon, Clothes pins, Ornaments/Baubles, Glitter, Glue Gun

1. Wrap you gift as per usual, if you don't know this ribbon technique, don't worry, I just glued the ends down on the bottom.

2. Apply glue in a thick zig zag fashion, you want it to be covered all the way in every spot on the top so the glitter covers the whole surface area of the top of the clothes pin.

3. Spread the glitter out in a line for easy 'dipping' access.

4. Dip the clothes pin in the glitter, press hard and lift up quickly before the glue sets to the paper!

5. Add glue to the tip of the clothes pin-this is for the topper you are adding.

6. Press topper firmly onto the clothes pin and let the glue set.

Here's the final project ready to go!  I'm excited to add these cute toppers and maybe some special name tags to my gifts this year!

Here's the video tutorial from BT Winnipeg:

Happy Wrapping!

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  1. great tutorial, If I can I glue my ribbon down as well. I have always wanted to buy mini clothes pin and now you have given me a good reason! I think with a gift tag would look really fab.


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