Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY Crafty Christmas 2014: Gift Card Snow Globe

I've got some fun new tutorials again for you this Holiday season!  This first one is something I shared on Breakfast Television Winnipeg (see video below)!

Here's what you need:

Glitter, glue gun, canning or mason jar, ornaments/baubles, gift card, water

1. Draw a line of glue through the middle of the jar lid
2. Stand the gift card up in the glue, hold and push firmly until the glue has dried
3. Glue ornaments in front of or around the gift card

*TIP: Use smaller ornaments so everything can fit nicely into the jar!! The ones I used in the photos were a bit big, the ones I used in the video were much better.  This will also be dependant on how big your jar is!

3. Add glitter to the jar

4. Add water to the jar

5. Put the gift card lid into the water, and screw the top on

6. Turn upside down and voila-Gift Card Snow Globe!

Tie a ribbon around the bottom to make it extra festive!
Here's the video clip for Breakfast Television where I make this and gift toppers! (Tutorial coming next!)

Happy Gift Giving!!

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