Friday, March 3, 2017

Disney World Pt.1

In February we travelled to Florida to visit Disney World and Universal Studios with my in-laws.  Here's our first day at Disney Springs!

Most important thing: Find a pair of Mickey Mouse ears.  This one was a contender!

My husband got sick on the plane out to Florida so the first day we decided not to visit a park since he wouldn't want to go on rides or anything.  We instead visited Disney Springs and visited a bunch of shops, bakeries (chocolate covered strawberries anyone?) and restaurants!

We encountered a wee bit of rain, but you can see the rainbow on the left hand top corner of this next photo.

Someone else found a pair of ears, just a bit furrier!

How many pieces of lego do you think it took to make this?

Ma-in-Law's forever favorite, a Christmas Store!

An iconic pair of ears as we drove home after a long day of walking and shopping!

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  1. Looks like fun! Edmund still talks about your Ma-in-laws Christmas decorations. ��


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