Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Style Me February: Closet & Instagram Challenge!

I got snagged recently by a Facebook ad for Dean Street Society where Hilary Rushford shared 3 videos on how to simplify your style.  The videos have since been taken down because her class started and it was a little sneak peek.

I signed up for the video emails and also for the February Closet Challenge which I was really excited about!  At this point in the Winter season, I am pretty tired of my clothes and I think this will be a fun way to try new things with what I already have.

Here's my February 1st "Feeling Pretty in Pink" outfit.

I don't really wear pink pink as it is not a color I gravitate towards, so I wore this bright coral shirt to work today and paired it with a fun polka dot blazer-I got a lot of compliments for wearing such a bright color!

Work clothes for me are an obligation.  I generally do not like my work clothes as much as I like my non-work clothes and I like to keep them separated (i.e. I don't wear work clothes when not at work, not even blouses or blazers).

I work at a financial institution where the dress code is business professional.  So I'm usually wearing black dress pants with a blouse and a cardigan or blazer.  I really hate dress pants and I can't stand tight jackets so I prefer cardigans with room to move about and blazers with some stretch.

I picked this top for the challenge and of course the typical black pant and then I wanted to wear something fun so I added this blazer which also cinches in the waist to provide some sense of shape.

WHAT will I WEAR tomorrow for animal spots and FURS?????!  Stay tuned to find out! ;)

For Reference:
Blazer - Modcloth // Blouse - Maurices // Camisole - Maurices // Pants - Reitmans // Shoes - Aldo //

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