Monday, April 11, 2011

Here and Wear

Oh my goodness a real outfit post?? I KNOW! Crazy. I find I don't have time (i.e. am too lazy) to take pictures of my outfits most of the time, not to mention there's not really a very good place in my house to take them when it's too cold to go out and take them in the snow. But it's nice now! So we'll see how it goes.
I wore this to work today (excuse my disgruntled face, it was bright out!):

I'm wearing:
Ankle Boots: George
Skinnies: Garage Clothing (I bought them a LONG time ago, they were wide leg dress pants and I skinnied them)
Tunic: Forever 21
Bomber Jacket: Joe


  1. lookin' good ma'am. i'm lucky if i look half that good for work.

  2. Super cute dress! I love your boots too! :)

  3. Cute tunic and I love that you wore it with unrelieved black all the way down.

  4. You "skinnied" your jeans yourself? How innovative! Also, your face is way cute even when it's disgruntled. ;-)

  5. I love the pattern on your tunic! And your pants look great. Makes me wish I could take on that challenge myself :)


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